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Kale Plants – Mixed Collection

Kale Plants – Mixed Collection Delicious and nutritious – Bred in Britain for the british climate! Our mixed collection of Kale plants will provide you with delicious, nutritious "leafy" pickings from late autumn to early winter. The plants are extremely reliable and will withstand the most adverse weather conditions. Collection contains 21 plants (a mix of each variety): Black Magic – This kale plant a fairly new variety of Italian black cabbage, this variety is bred to perform better in the UK climate. With improved cold tolerance, colour, leaf shape, and bolt resistance than current Italian varieties. Kale – Black magic has been tested and has roughly 5 times the amount of glucosinolates than other kale varieties! Reflex – Dark-leaved and intensely curled full winter variety, kale plant ‘Reflex’ has excellent winter hardiness makes kale the ideal winter to spring vegetables, it will never disappoint. Kales nutrient and succulent leaves stand well without yellow and can be picked even in the summer as tasty ‘baby’ kale. Redbor – A luscious purple-leaved, intensely curled full winter variety. Excellent winter hardiness makes kale the ideal winter to spring vegetables, it will never disappoint. A colourful addition to the vegetable or ornamental garden. Delicious purplish-red curled leaves. Kale has had a huge resurgence in recent years thanks to its incredibly high nutritional values, so much so that we’ve seen headlines like ‘Kale shortage imminent’. Easy to grow, incredibly productive, and with a multitude of colours and leaf shapes… what’s not to like? Delicious, versatile, and incredibly nutritious! You don’t have to have a large vegetable garden to grow your own. Even the smallest patio or balcony can accommodate a few containers that will give you a bumper crop of delicious fresh produce!

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