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Bidens Beedance 6 x 9cm Pots

Beautiful Bicoloured Blooms!A bee and butterfly magnet, these Biden’s Plants will produce a wealth of semi-trailing flowers in bicoloured shades of orange and yellow throughout the Summer months, drought tolerant plants ideal for all your garden containers.

Bidens Beedance 12 x 9cm Pots

A Profusion of Bio Coloured Blooms This Bidens will have butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects flocking to your garden with their bright colours and heady honey fragrance. With its semi-trailing habit it’s the perfect choice for your hanging baskets, patio pots and window boxes this Summer.

Bidens Beedance 12 x 12cm Pots

Like Bees to the Honey Pot!These gorgeous bright yellow and orange bicoloured blooms will certainly attract the bees & butterfly’s to your garden all Summer long, producing an abundance of flowers from semi- trailing stems. Ideal for all your baskets and containers.

Bidens Beedance 6 x 12 cm Pots

Create an Instant Impact!Bidens Beedance will produce an abundance of bright bicoloured, orange and yellow flowers borne on semi-trailing stems throughout Summer. Irresistible to both butterflies and bees, this drought tolerant variety is the perfect choice for Instant Impact in your garden.

Bellis Belle 6x12cm Pot Plants

Beautiful Bellis Belle!Bursting with rich tones of ruby and pink these daisy like flowers offer you warm colour autumn to early spring plant them up into containers and pots wherever you want a show of colour.

Bellis Belle 6x9cm Pot Plants

Perfect with Pansies!This variety of Bellis (Daisy) with large double blooms in warm shades they really compliment Pansies. They will flower first in the Autumn until the first frosts arrive and come back to their full glory in the Spring.

Begonia Sahara 6 x 9cm Pots

Fantastically Vigorous and Easy to GrowBearing beautiful clusters of small flowers in beautiful shades of pinks, reds and whites, set against glossy green and bronze foliage, Begonia Sahara will be a great addition to any garden this Summer.

Begonia Destiny 6 x 9cm Pots

Showy Double Blooms in a Vivid Mix of ColoursOur top selling Begonia variety bears vivid double flowering reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and whites, perfect for the Summer season. Strong and upright plants they will flower as early as May all the way until the first frosts.

Begonia Sparkle (Trailing) 6 x 9cm Pots

Will Trail Spectacularly all Summer long until the First FrostsThese large multi-coloured Summer blooms with brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and pinks are certain to draw the attention of guests and passers-by.

Begonia Amber Delight 6 x 9cm Pots

Create a Feast of Colour in your Garden this Summer!For a sparkling display this Summer, choose this Begonia Amber Delight, with large bright orange, red, yellow and gold blooms, it is sure to impress.

Begonia Apricot Sparkle (Trailing) 6 x 9cm Pots

Perfect for Creating Spectacular Trailing Displays!These pots of beautiful shades of orange and yellow offset with lush green foliage can almost illuminate any patio, garden or indoor area.

Begonia Destiny Pink 6 x 9cm Pots

With large pink blooms, the Begonia Destiny Pink will be a vibrant addition to your Summer display. These look brilliant in their pre-planted pots but can give your flower beds and patios an abundant amount of colour.

Begonia Super Landscaping Mix 6 x 9cm Pots

An Outstanding Performer which won’t Fail to Impress!A beautiful Begonia variety with an incredible flowing habit, showing off its reds, whites and pinks from May all the way up until the first frosts.

Begonia Compacta 6 x 9cm Pots

This Variety won’t fail to Shine no Matter what the Weather!Brilliant blooms in red, orange, yellow and pink are what make the Begonia Compacta one of the most attractive Summer options.

Begonia Stars 6 x 9cm Pots

Masses of Delicate Cup Shaped FlowersProviding beautiful shades of reds, oranges, pinks and whites, this Begonia variety is perfect for the gardener who wants great results with minimal maintenance.

Bellis Belle 12 9cm Pot Plants

Large Double Flowers!Bellis Belle has large double rosette flowers in red and pink shades which will flower in the Autumn and again in the Spring in lovely shades of ruby and pink tones. Bringing much needed colour to your garden in the winter months.

Begonia Amber Delight 6 x 12cm Pots

Create a Feast of Colour in your Garden this Summer!The array of hot colours produced by the Begonia Amber Delight serves to complement the season with beautiful, bright oranges, reds, yellows and golds.

Bellis Belle 12x12cm Pot Plants

Pom Pom style Flowers!Plants of the genus Bellis are more commonly known as Daisies – however, the varieties of Bellis available have larger flowers in a range of compact, striking colours far removed from the common ‘Lawn Daisy’ which are so familiar. with pom pom shaped flowers.

Begonia Apricot Sparkle (Trailing) 6 x 12cm Pots

Perfect for Creating Spectacular Trailing Displays!Brighten up your troughs, pots, hanging baskets and flower beds with this Begonia variety, its blooming shades of orange and yellow makes it a great Summer and early to mid-Autumn choice.

Begonia Destiny Pink 6 x 12cm Pots

Superb Potted Plants for your Summer DisplaysBegonia Destiny Pink offers a great amount of colour, its bright pink enhanced by the dark brown foliage, it is a must for any vibrant display this Summer.