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Arbutus Unedo

Arbutus unedo – the strawberry tree – is a popular ornamental tree that has lovely light pink strawberry-shaped fruit. It has pinkish-brown peeling bark and bright-green glossy leaves. Small pink flowers appear in autumn, along with the fruits from the previous year’s flowers. The fruits are red and look rather like strawberries, giving the plant its name. Unfortunately, they do not taste nearly as good as strawberries; in fact the word ‘unedo’ comes from the Latin for ‘I eat one’ – implying that no-one would ever want to try more than one! Arbutus unedo grows best in full sun. It prefers a moist, well drained soil that is neutral to mildly acidic. Mature plants are fully hardy, but younger plants may need winter protection. Height 200-250cm. Supplied in a 3 litre pot.  

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