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Buddleja dav. Flower Power

Buddleja Flower Power Buddleja Flower Power is a one-of-a-kind variety of butterfly bush as you can expect blooms that appear like a summer ice lolly! This bi-colour beauty reflects the 70’s area with its hippy happy colourful blooms that glisten underneath the summer sun! You can expect shades of fiery orange, hot flamenco pink and lavender purple to blend through one another, giving off a hippy tie-dye effect! From the glorious height of Summer, you can expect this reliable and low-maintenance bi-colour buddleja to provide outstanding displays of coned blooms that perform in clusters amongst fresh green luscious foliage! Reaching an equal height and spread of 200cm (78.7) this hardy shrub will be an excellent protective hedge, as well as a dazzling focal point for your garden in 2021!

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