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Echinacea Seeds – Doubledecker

Echinacea Seeds – Doubledecker Add unique and beautiful shapes to your garden flower displays! Echinacea Seeds – Doubledecker will be a real marvel in your garden flower displays. Echinacea, otherwise known as coneflowers, are very fashionable and loved by gardeners because they add unique and colourful displays. Grow the Echinacea Seeds – Doubledecker in your flower beds and flower borders this season to really showcase the double flowers and unusual shape of these beautiful flowers. The Echinacea Seeds – Doubledecker produces a unique ‘crown’ that sits atop the cone of pretty pink petals. Growing on sturdy stems to a height of 90–120cm tall, these stunning flowers will look fantastic growing in your container and patio pot displays. Certainly eye-catching, the Echinacea Seeds – Doubledecker will tower above other flower varieties to showcase that fantastic shape. In year one the flowers look like regular echinacea, but from year two the crowns will appear on flowers creating a magnificent look. Grow Echinacea Seeds – Doubledecker as cut flowers too! Decorate your whole home with these beautiful flowers.

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