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Jasmine Stephanense

Jasmine Stephanense Boasts star-shaped blooms and with a gorgeous sweet perfume! Jasmine Stephanense grows an abundance of pink, star-shaped blooms which give off a gorgeous sweet perfume all through midsummer. The deep green foliage is a stunning backdrop to the pink blooms and bright yellow ripples through the leaves in full bloom. This variety is perfect for scaling walls, fences and sheds, as it’s a vigorous twining climber. If you have a smaller garden or patio space, you can grow Jasmine Stephanense in a container in order to restrict its growth. Making it ideal and versatile for small space gardens too. To make the most out of its distinctive scent, position close to pathways and entrances so you can appreciate its aroma every time you pass by. Height and spread: 5m (16′). Choose a sunny or semi-shaded position with shelter from strong winds when growing Jasminum x Stephanense and plant in any moist, well-drained soil. Grow against appropriate support such as trellis or wires attached to walls and fences and tie Jasmine shoots into their support as they grow. Feed and water Jasmine plants regularly throughout the growing season. Prune out the oldest stems after flowering, and reduce the remaining stems to restrict their vigorous growth to the available space.

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