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Sweet Potato Mixed Collection Organic B/E/M

Enjoy your own homegrown sweet potatoes with our organic Sweet Potato Mixed Collection. These three varieties selected for their range of colours, flavours and maturing times will help you make the most of your sweet potato crop. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins and iron and are delicious roasted, boiled, mashed or made into chips. The flowers and foliage are beautiful too!This collection comprises 18 plugs of the following varieties:Beauregard – Reliable performance in the UK climate has made Beauregard the most commonly grown sweet potato variety in the UK. Produces medium-sized tubers with sweet, salmon-orange flesh.Murasaki – reddish-purple skin with unusual white flesh. This Japanese variety has a firmer, drier texture than other sweet potatoes and an earthy, nutty sweetness.Evangeline – an extremely sweet, classic orange sweet potato producing large tubers.Height and Spread: up to 3m (9′). Useful linksHow to grow sweet potatoes

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