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Clematis Flammula

Clematis ‘Flammula’ – Virgin’s bower Packed full of dainty small white flowers, this Clematis plant stands out from the crowd. It is fast-growing and wonderfully energetic, reaching a height of up to 5m (16′) and spreading to around 1m (3′). This Old man’s beard is particularly interesting due to its fluffy sepals which really catch your eye. It is a climbing semi-evergreen shrub that will enjoy guidance up a climbing frame or structure to progress. Virgin’s bower enjoys semi-shade and sun, its starry white flowers bloom from midsummer and fluffy seed heads will then appear in the Autumn. The silky seed heads create a wonderful display as Fall begins. Clematis ‘Flammula’ looks great sprawling through other mature hedges, tree’s and shrubs, as well as scrambling up fences and walls. This beauty has deep green leaf-stalks with showy flowers that will attract lots of attention in your garden.

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