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Mushroom Plugs – Lion’s Mane Mushrooms – 30 spawn plugs

Mushroom plugs – Lions Mane Cascading white ‘spines’! Aptly named, producing a ‘mane’ of cascading white ‘spines’ up to 40cm (16") in diameter, which are ready to harvest in June/July. When cooked they have the delicious flavour of lobster – luscious fried up with onions, garlic, almonds and butter. Acclaimed for its medicinal properties too! Whether served as a side dish or the main event, mushrooms’ texture and flavour is very satisfying. Cooked with a little sherry, or sauteed on garlic toast, we love them! Our ‘plugs’ will provide you with mushrooms for several years. Growing your Lion’s Mane Mushrooms This variety is expensive to buy from the supermarket, but easy to grow yourself. Our ‘plugs’ will provide you with mushrooms for several years. Supplied as wooden ‘spawn plugs’ – just find some freshly cut logs (except from pine trees), drill holes in them and push them in. Cropping commences after 4-10 months and continues 3-5 times a year for 3-5 years. Full growing instructions included.

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