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Gunnera Manicata

Gunnera Manicata The ?big daddy? of the gardening world! Gunnera Manicata is a fabulous giant plant and is best suited to a large space where it can grow to its full potential and have the space it needs to be its best. The giant, umbrella-like foliage can reach over 1m across metres across, and produce a really knockout display in the garden! Throughout the summer months, this herbaceous perennial produces red-brown flowers that populate on stiff stems above the leaves. Also affectionately known as Giant Rhubarb, Gunnera is robust, strong and architectural in its growth. They make the perfect specimen plants for gardens with permanently moist soils. This plant is also a great option for woodland areas or the damp soil beside a pond. Here you will find the foliage reflects beautifully in the water and you almost achieve double the beauty. Height: 2.5m (8?) Spread: 4m (13?).

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